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   Our company was founded in 1982 with a commitment to offering our customers quality saw blades at reasonable prices. With twenty five years we continue this commitment.

  We manufacture wide band saw blades for the sawmill industry ranging from 3" wide up to 14" wide in gauges 21-13 according to customer specification. Whether you need it punched and welded only, bench only, or finished. We offer single cut, silver tooth, or double cut and use exclusively UDDEHOLM steel which we believe to be the finest Swedish steel aviailable. We also sell and service tension gauges and back gauges.

  We offer various supplies for filing room applications including saw gumming wheels, files, crackerjack wheels, railroad chalk, dressers, various abrasives, and many more items.

  Our employees have many years of experience and are very capable of providing our customers with Quality products. We stand behind or product 100%




         800-420-9659               Southern Bandsaw Company Inc.     Email: contact@SouthernBand.com