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  Joe and Bobbie Wiggs    

David Wiggs 

Carolyn Booker

    Southern Bandsaw Co. was founded in Greenville, MS in 1982 by Joe and Bobbie Wiggs.

    Joe was born in Woodland, MS in 1936 and Bobbie was born in Vardaman, MS in 1940. After graduating from high school, Joe went to work for Bryan Brothers Packing Co. in West Point, MS. Later he and Bobbie moved to Greenville, MS where Joe worked for the Atkins Saw Co. and served a seven year apprenticeship as a 'Sawsmith' in both Bandsaws and Circular saws.

    In 1975 Joe went to work for Spear & Jackson Saw Co. as a Sawsmith and later as a shop foreman.

       In 1980 Joe went to work for U.S. Saws in Greenville, MS as Plant Manager.

  In 1982 Joe and Bobbie decided to open Southern Bandsaw, Co. Inc., where Joe did many of the operations involved in manufacturing, and Bobbie served as book keeper.

   In 1983, Joe's son David Wiggs came to work for the company, initially as a welder, but also did other operations in the manufacturing process.

  In 1986 Joe and Bobbie opened a sister company, "Southern Industrial Supply", at the same location, mainly to supply Southern Bandsaw Co. with necessary items, but also to service the local factories in our community. Shortly after opening this company, Joe's daughter, Carolyn Booker came to work with him to manage the supply house. Southern Industrial Supply offers a variety of items ranging from cutting tools, abrasives, and hand tools, etc.

  In 1989, David was made President and Plant Manager and Carolyn was made Secretary/Treasurer. Since that time they handle the day to day operations of the Corporation

   For Twenty Five years Southern Bandsaw Co. continues to offer the same quality bandsaw blades at a very reasonable price.Southern Bandsaw Co. is the only bandsaw blade manufacturing company that has been in business more than twenty two years at the same location and with the same owners. We strive to provide personal service to our customers that only a small company can provide.





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