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         Greenville is one of the country�s most significant sites of prehistoric Native American culture. Thousands of years ago, a mound-building Native American Civilization lived here, utilizing the Mississippi River as a trade link.  Now the relics of this important culture can be seen at the Winterville Mounds and Museum.  Washington County, organized in 1827, was the state�s 22nd county to organize.  It now ranks fourth in population among the state�s counties.  Greenville, the county seat, was named for Revolutionary War hero Nathaniel Greene.  He was a close friend to George Washington, for whom the county is named.  During the Civil War, troops landed at Greenville and, when fired upon by residents, burned the settlement to the ground.  Because this site occupies the highest elevation between Memphis and Vicksburg, the city was rebuilt.  Greenville has developed into a major port on the Mississippi River, center for manufacturing, retail shopping hub, and a nucleus of agricultural research facilities and processing plants.  Greenville has survived numerous fires, floods, and other natural disasters, such as the Flood of 1927.  Through all of those challenges, residents of Greenville have displayed resiliency and a remarkable ability to come together in times of crisis.  These qualities have enabled the city to overcome many difficulties and will encourage its residents to move boldly into the future.







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